Who we are

Hey! do you want to know who we are? well, I would tell you that the best way to do so is to join one of our tours. However, so that you can recognize us in such special moment and because we believe that one of the most fullfiling things in life is to meet new people, we will briefly introduce ourselves here.


I’m Alberto, an Industrial Engineer normally working on his field, but who enjoys starting up new things and getting out of the routine from time to time by embarking in initiatives such as this one.

Originally from Pamplona but considered citizen of the world, with a passion for travelling all over the world and getting to know new people. All the country patches covering my backpack are a good proof of it.

Having spent a whole year studying in the wonderful state of Vermont, USA made me realize that English was another of my passions. So when discussing with my partner on creating these Free Tours, which combined two of my all time interests, I did not hesitate.

I hope to get a chance to see you during this special time of the year, San Fermín!


I’m Javier, an Audiovisual Communication graduate and graphical designer who created his own production company where I work.

Born in Pamplona and a San Fermín fanatic, although for different reasons currently living in Valladolid since 2005, where my company is located.

I always need to stay active, undertaking new and various initiatives, thus unable of doing nothing. I love the way of life at the village and the rural style, and even though I could live in the city, I currently reside in a small town, which offers me all the creative possibilities.

I hope to be able of transmitting part of my passion for this city and its festivals of San Fermín. I will be waiting for you!